Monday, October 20, 2014

Train Ride

Adam and I needed to buy a train ticket for Sunday and since the fare is good all weekend, we decided to take Eliel on a train ride Saturday.  It's no secret that he loves trains and he was extremely excited when we told him we were going to go on a train.  I've never seen him want to put his jacket on so badly!

We went to the station just after nine and unfortunately, the train was late so we were stuck standing in the cold for an extra 15 minutes or so.  But, once we were finally on the train, Eliel was mesmerized!  It was fun watching his little eyes dart back and forth as he watched the scenery fly by the window.

We rode the train for about 20 minutes in one direction, got off at a station, waited about 5 minutes, and jumped on a return train.  On the way back, we were treated to an empty car train and Eliel had a blast running along the aisle in the 'upstairs' portion of the rail car.  As you can see by the huge smile on his face, he had a lot of fun!  So did Daddy and Mommy!
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Battle Damage and Counting

Although Eliel has been walking for almost a year now, we still have our fair share of falling.  Plus since we typically run instead of walk, the falls are harder.  So, it seems as though every week, Eliel have a really hard fall.  One that make Mommy cringe as it happens and ends up in lots of crying.  You may have noticed the road rash / battle damage from a few weeks ago when we fell at Daddy's soccer game.  If not, check it out here: Road Rash  Just as that was healing, he was pushing a toy around the house and fell face first onto the metal heating vent which resulted in a nice cut along his eye. 

Then, just this past week, Eliel was playing on the porch with his trucks and fell face first onto (yes onto) the edge of the big wooden garbage can I have out there. He now has a nice horizontal bruise in the middle of his cheek.  It doesn't look too bad in pictures but I assure you, I'm getting looks at the grocery store.  I know this is only the beginning!

One of Eliel's newest accomplishments is counting... sort of.   I know what he's doing and trying to say but I'm not sure any of you would.  He is able to hold up one finger and makes a very good effort in trying to say the numbers but the all come out sounding the same. Take a listen for yourself.

It's really kind of cute and he gets VERY excited about counting for things.  He loves to count before he jumps in the pool at swim lessons, he loves to count when turning on or off a light and he loves to count before making the balls come out of his toy as you saw in the video.

He's learning and saying new words daily and is starting to repeat things he hears.  Daddy learned this today when he said something was 'bullsh***' and Eliel looked right at him and said 'bull'.  Luckily he didn't get the rest of the word but it will come shortly!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Fun and the Fire Station

We were treated to such wonderful fall weather this weekend that we just had to  get out and enjoy it!  (Especially compared to the weather we've had the last two days) Plus, Auntie Katie had off so she came with making it even more fun.

Our town had a fire station open house as well as a harvest festival and so we took Eliel to both.  Betchya can guess which one he liked more! :)  At the firehouse, he got to sit in the brand new ladder truck and was all smiles as Auntie Katie lifted him into the driver's seat. 
They had all of the vehicles out of the garage and Eliel was in heaven.  His little head couldn't turn fast enough to look at everything.  He also received a fireman's hat which we have been wearing every day since.  We even had to wear it out yesterday when we went to the store. (He wore it with his yellow raincoat and I should have taken a picture because he looked so cute!)  There was also popcorn, games and Sparky the robotic firehouse dog.  Eliel was a little leery of Sparky because he was talking and moving all around.  Wonder who he gets that from? :) 
Eliel got to 'practice' staying low away from smoke in the tube, although he just thought it was like the tube he plays at at the playground!  We also watched a fireman repel down a rope that was dangling from the ladder tower.  It got me nervous just watching him!  Eliel was not impressed, of course.

After visiting the fire station, we walked over to the harvest fest in downtown.  There we were able to pet some goats, decorate a pumpkin and take a hayride!  Our pumpkin decorating skills need some work but there's time before Halloween to work on that. 

Auntie Katie was brave enough to take Eliel into the petting zoo and had to help him stay standing as some of the goats inadvertently knocked him over as they ran around looking for handouts.  One of them also thought Auntie Katie's sweater might be a nice snack and gave a little taste.  Finally, we took a quick ride around the block on a hay ride!  Eliel was mesmerized by the fact that the horses were pulling us!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Way Overdue Zoo

Last week Tuesday, Eliel and I were invited to meet Grandma at the zoo since she was bringing a bus full of high school students there.  Eliel and I happily obliged and joined her.  I forgot my camera so the pictures have been on my phone and therefore, I forgot about them until now.

I didn't take too many pictures but since we had a few close encounters with some larger mammals, I couldn't resist. 

One of the brown bears was laying right next to the glass window.  All of the adults wanted to put their hand up right next to the bear's enormous paw but most kids were a little too nervous that that the glass might not be thick enough, Eliel included.  He was a bit reluctant to get any closer to the bear than what you see in the pictures.  Not that I blame him, that paw is HUGE!

We also were treated to a very upset lion who decided he was going to very loudly roar at his reflection.  It was so awesome to hear but again, all of the kids around us wanted nothing to do with this lion!  He wasn't the smiling, roaring lion from their storybooks.  Eliel watched for about 5 seconds before he shook his head vigorously 'no' and demanded we go somewhere else with a very strict point in the opposite direction.

We were only at Brookfield Zoo for the morning but we got to see a lot!  One of Eliel's favorite things this time were the waterfalls (reminiscent of our recent vacation) in the monkey house.  Hopefully the weather will stay temperate this fall and winter and we can continue to visit the zoo.  Brookfield is nice because there are so many indoor animal houses that even if it's a bit chilly, you can always go into a nice, warm, smelly animal house to warm up!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Did it!

Eliel loves going to the park and swinging on the swings.  However, he has now figured out how to correctly go down slides and is so proud of himself for it!  Daddy took a video at the park the other day for your viewing pleasure.  (Make sure you wait until the end to hear, 'didi' which is Eliel for, 'did it!')