Monday, February 1, 2016

39 weeks

Well, 39 weeks has come and gone and I'm still pregnant.  I can honestly say I have not been this pregnant before because I had Eliel at 39 weeks, 1 day.  I am currently 39 weeks, 3 days.  I know it's not a huge difference but when you're carrying around an extra 30 pounds (and a toddler) trust me, it feels like it.  Plus, we're all dying to meet the newest member of the family!
At my last doctor's appointment my body had started the process of getting ready for labor but the doctor didn't think he'd see me anytime soon.  Having said that, I went in to the doctor with Eliel a day or two before he was born and I hadn't dilated at all and he was born shortly thereafter.  So, the moral is I have no clue when this baby will make an appearance! :) (And neither does anyone else for that matter)
I've been feeling really good the past two days so either the birth is quite few days away or this is my burst of energy before going into labor.  (I'm of course hoping for the latter!)

We will do our best to keep everyone updated!  Thanks so much for all the kind words and encouragement!

39 weeks

Monday, January 25, 2016

38 weeks

Made it to 38 weeks and everything still looks good!  The doctor said that everything looks good but of course can't tell us when the baby might be coming. I did start having some Braxton Hicks contractions this weekend which up until now, I had not had before with my first or this pregnancy.  It made for a a little excitement!
As for my baby bump (which I think should be called a baby mountain) which may not look like it's grown much but it sure feels like it has!  It also feels like it may have dropped a bit but doesn't quite look like it. 

38 weeks
As for the baby hunch it was quite interesting to see what everyone thinks about what the gender might be and when the baby might be born. It seems like the majority of you think the baby is a girl.  Can't wait to see if you're right! 
If you'd like to check out what the general conscensus is on baby hunch, you can check out the page here:

Friday, January 22, 2016

Indoor Playplex

This past week I took Eliel to an indoor play place so he could burn off his energy.  Plus, to be honest, I'm starting to feel guilty about bringing the new baby home and cutting into Mommy and E time.  I'm a little sad that I won't get to hang out with my little man as much as I do now.  He's my buddy and unfortunately, three can be a crowd.  I know that everyone goes through this when they have a second (or third) but my hormones are out of control so forgive me for my little rant please.
Eliel has been my sidekick the last three years and the reason I do pretty much everything I do.  :)  It's going to be so weird to add another little human being in to the mix.  Of course I'm excited but I'm feeling a little melancholy about it too.  The mommy guilt is weighing heavily on my mind lately so I've been trying to do some fun stuff with just the two of us in between getting  ready for the baby.

 This playplex is at RexPlex, a local park district place.  It's for 2-4 year old kids so it was perfect for Eliel.  Everything was manageable and the other kids there weren't too babyish or too big for him to play near.  He had load of fun trying to climb the climbing wall, crawl through tunnels and walk on the balance beams (or bridges as he called them!)

 They also had a really cool 'house' in which the kids could climb up in and run around.  It had a 50 lb weight limit so Mommy couldn't even go in there which was good for Eliel to have to play a little independently with the other kids. 
The one thing I was surprised that he didn't like was the trampoline.  If you've seen Eliel lately then you know that he LOVES to jump up and down when he's excited so I figured a kid trampoline was right up his alley.  It was one with a handle bar across it meant for little kids so they don't fall off.  He wouldn't even stay on it long enough for me to get a picture! 
It was a great morning and Eliel said he has lots and lots of fun (his words, not mine!)  I'm 38 weeks pregnant (post coming soon!) so hopefully we'll get at least one more Mommy and E day together! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

36 weeks

Well, we're in the home stretch.  36 weeks down, 4 to go.  At my last doctor's visit, everything checked out normal which is great.  Hopefully it remains that way for the remaining month! 
Here's the way I currently look compared with 36 weeks along with Eliel. 
36 weeks with Baby Thoma
36 weeks with Eliel

PS>  Thanks to everyone who submitted baby hunches!  Looks like most of you think that Baby Thoma will be a girl!  If you still want to submit a hunch or see what others are guessing, here's the link again!
password: thoma 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Baby Hunch

Okay it's now or never!  For all of you who have not made a guess as to the gender, weight, date of birth of Baby Thoma.... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?  
There are less than 5 weeks until the baby is born so make your guesses!

Here's the link.  You do NOT have to sign up for anything and will not get any junk mail, I promise!

password: thoma