Wednesday, November 18, 2015

28 weeks

Meet Baby Thoma at 28 weeks!  I still can't get over the clarity and detail in this sonogram picture.  It was fun to see it live as the baby squirmed and moved on the screen.  Eliel loved watching the 'yellow baby' (due to the toner they use on the screen).  Based on the picture, what do you think the gender of the baby is?  If you haven't made a guess (which most of you haven't!)  be sure to use the link below and do so!  Time is running out, even Eliel has made his guess!
password: thoma

At my most recent doctor's visit, everything checked out just fine.  I received a blood test to check my gluose and iron levels and everything came back in the normal range.  I also found out that I do not have placenta previa anymore which is great since it could have caused me to need to be induced or have a c-section.  So far, everything is progressing as normal, including my growing belly! Can't believe it's less than 3 months till we get to meet the newest little member of our family.

28 weeks

Sunday, November 15, 2015

First Visit to a Barber

Eliel had his first visit to a barber this weekend.  Typically Mommy cuts his hair but seeing as it was close to the holidays, we figured he could use a professional cut.  So, instead of going to one of the kiddie places, Daddy took him to the place where he gets his hair cut.

Surprisingly, Eliel did very well!  He didn't squirm or complain one bit which is WAY different than when Mommy tries to do it.  Usually, we have to bribe him with a movie and sometimes we even have to cut his hair in two shifts.  Maybe after getting his haircut here he will be better at home! (Yeah right!)

Eliel had lots of fun getting his hair cut.  He even got a red sucker at the end because he was so good!  That of course made him very happy.  And who wouldn't have lots of fun when the reading material they provide is this:

 I doubt we'll take Eliel to get his hair cut at the barber every time just because it's really unnecessary when all he needs is a touch up.  However, we will be going back a few times a year since he had so much fun!

What's even better is that after his haircut, Daddy took him to get a smoothie!  Yum!  What a handsome looking little guy.  So glad he's mine! :)
A sweet reward!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Eliel's Got a Brand New Room!

This is his 'thumbs up'
With the new baby coming, we decided that Eliel should have a 'big boy' room.  Instead of changing the room he has been in his whole life, we decided to move him into the room next door and leave the nursery as it is.  Eliel was quite excited to get a 'new room' and happily said that the baby could have his old green room.  So, we proceeded to change the spare bedroom into a little boys' paradise!

Luckily, we had my old bedroom furntiure in the spare room and so we decided to keep that and modify it for Eliel.  It was a little bit dated with bright gold handles so we decided to change out the handles, give it a little paint job and voila! a whole new kids bedroom furniture.  We even got new special hand-painted pulls for some of the drawers and his closet doors.  We let him pick out some trucks and street signs fron Etsy and he was thrilled.  We bought him a new bed and of course new sheets and comforter set to go along with it.
 Luckily, the room already had blinds on the window so all we needed was some window coverings to brighten up the room.  I couldn't find anything I liked (as usual) so I ended up going to Joann Fabrics, finding a perfect material (trucks of course!) and making drapes for his room.  I had made draper for our family room a few years back so it wasn't too bad to make these. Eliel thought it was fun to watch mom pin the drapes and then make them 'less poky' with the sewing machine!  (The stuff this kid comes up with!)
Finally, we couldn't quite decide what to do with his walls.  We wanted to tie the whole truck theme together but didn't want to make a whole bunch of holes in the wall that he might decide he doesn't like in a few years.  So, we turned to wall stickers.  I had never used these before but they are so cool!  Not only do they blend into the wall quite well, but they are fully removable and repositionable.  Not sure I would do it after they've been on the wall a few years but we moved a few already and they came off nicely. If you are looking for a quick way to make an impact on a wall, these are definitely the way to go! If Adam lets me, I might be finding another spot to put some different stickers!  For Eliel's room, we chose a sticker pack that had cars, trucks, construction cones and even signs.  He was quite delighted to tell us where we should put each sticker.  We listened, but only a little bit! ;)
After bringing everything together, I'd say his room turned out pretty awesome.  We know he's happy about it because when anyone comes over to the house, he tells them they need to come upstairs and see his new room.  Hopefully the decor is age neutral enough that it will last a few years.  The comforter we bought has no trucks on it so worse case scenario is we take the trucks off the walls and get a few new knobs.  Should work out nicely! 




Saturday, November 7, 2015

Storytime with Eliel

Since he was about six months old, we have been reading to Eliel before he goes to bed whether it's a nap or for the night.  He loves being read to and will often ask one of us to read to him even when it isn't bed time.
Although reading a bedtime story should be a soothing activity, Eliel tends to get quite excited; especially about certain books.  Here is a look at how he reacts.

In case you couldn't quite understand what he was saying, he was describing how the crushed concrete goes from the excavator into the machine, gets crumbled up and then goes out onto the conveyor belt.  Finally it drops into the pile... or so Eliel says.  We've wondered if sometimes reading these books gets him more wound up before falling asleep but he enjoys them so much, it's hard to steer him towards other stories! 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween & Trick-or-Treat

This year, Eliel dressed up as a construction worker for Halloween.  He didn't have too strong of an opinion on dressing up as anything in particular so we gave him a few options.  He picked construction worker.  Until a week or so ago, he wasn't even too sure what trick-or-treating was so we didn't want to pick an elaborate costume in the event that he decided he didn't want to partake in trick-or-treating.  Because he never changes his mind at the last minute... ever. ;)

Our first Halloween experience this year was a trunk-or-treat activity through our local park district at the public works building.  He was quite excited to go to that because he knew that he would get to see all the trucks they use like the dump trucks, slow plows, etc.  We were a little nervous because he kept thinking that he was going to get to sit in the trucks.  We tried explaining what would happen but until we got there, we had no idea if he would like it or not.
In typical Eliel fashion, he watched the other kids for the first few minutes before joining in.  Daddy took Eliel to the bounce house and he had a blast playing in there without too many other kids.  We usually don't let him go in bounce houses because he can't quite keep his balance when bigger, older kids are jumping but since he was pretty much alone, he was able to.  He thought that was pretty cool.  Then, as he got more comfortable, he joined the trick-or-treat line with the other kids and proceeded to collect his goodies.  After that, he was pretty excited about Halloween.

With the weather predicted to be quite crummy, our town had a trick-or-treat in the downtown area the night before Halloween so we decided to participate in that. Eliel and I went in the late afternoon and stopped by Daddy's work which is in the downtown area before starting our trick-or-treating.  Eliel was again a little leery at first but once he got the hang of it, (and realized all the candy that was piling up in his pumpkin bucket) he was quite excited to continue.  We walked around for a little over an hour and then went back to Daddy's work.

On Halloween,  the weather was cold and rainy.  For most of the day, we weren't sure if we were even going to get to go trick-or-treating because the rain was heavy.  Luckily, the rain stopped mid-afternoon so we ate an early dinner and took Eliel out in the early evening.  He was quite excited and quickly got the hang of saying trick-or-treat and thank you.  Although he was bundled with a hat, gloves, heavy coat and boots, he had a lot of fun.  He even wanted to continue going to more homes after we had gone up and down our block (which took almost an hour).  Since he doesn't even eat most of the candy, we convinced him to go back home and pass out candy to trick-or-treating who came to our house.  He loved doing that and was waiting by the front door for them to come throughout the afternoon and evening.

I'm so glad he had fun and look forward to next year when he can tell us exactly what he wants to be for Halloween!