Saturday, March 28, 2015

Peeps Playdough

Yes, you read that right!

Yesterday, Eliel and I made some edible playdough out of Peeps!  I had seen people raving about it on Facebook and with the weather being so crummy, I thought it would be a fun indoor activity to try!

The 'recipe' is as follows:
4 Peeps (any flavor/shape)
1 tablespoon coconut oil
3 tablespoons of powdered sugar

Not a very healthy snack but sometimes it's okay to cheat a little (although when Eliel cheats with sugar, Mommy pays for it later!)

Basically, you put the Peeps and oil in a bowl and microwave it for 10-15 seconds.  This is half the fun because as most of you know, Peeps are a BLAST to put in the microwave so long as they don't explode! Upon taking them out, sprinkle some powdered sugar over them and start mixing.  It will quickly turn into a ball and become somewhat gooey.  Keep adding sugar and stirring until you have a nice ball of playdough.  Then, before grabbing it, rub some powdered sugar on your hands to keep it from sticking to you.

Eliel was amazed that we 'made' playdough.  He kept poking it, squeezing it and rolling it into balls. 

Where did the Peeps go?
I love making a mess!

Then, I showed him that he could eat it.  The result was hilarious!

After eating a 'rocket ship', a ball, and a snake, Eliel decided that he didn't want to eat anymore.  He'll eat sweets but luckily he doesn't have a sweet tooth. He had fun making and playing with it though!  You should try it even if you don't want to play with it!  It tastes yummy!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

First Week of Spring Fun

Guess I put my flag up a little too soon!
Okay, so if you live near us, you know that the first week of spring has been anything but.  Today, the temperature will not get above freezing.  Bummer.

Eliel has not been too affected by it and we have found some ways to have fun despite the disappointing weather. 

On Monday, we spent almost two hours outside.... playing in the SNOW.  :(  I was way more upset about it than Eliel was.  He had a blast!  I had already put away his snow coat for next year (cross your fingers it might still fit!) and had to dig around to find it.  We ended up with about 6 inches of snow and it was the really wet kind; perfect for building a snowman!  It was really cute and Eliel tried to help with rolling the balls.  Unfortunately, the snow man was completely melted by the end of the next day.  Then this morning, we woke up to another inch of snow on the ground.  Mother Nature is definitely mad at us!  Eliel has already asked if we can go out and play in the snow but I'm refusing to shovel it this time so I think we're going to stay inside.

On Tuesday, we hung out at the library for awhile and then headed Sweet T's bakery to decorate a cupcake!  Eliel was able to choose his cupcake, add frosting and all kinds of decorations.  It only took him a few minutes but he was smiling and giggling the whole time.  He asked for red frosting but luckily they only had pastel colors.  Otherwise, we would have had some pretty disgusting looking dyed teeth!  He loved placing the different color 'balls' on the cupcake As you can see, his favorite type of candy to put on was M&M's.  The best part?  Eating the cupcake!

I've got a fun activity planned for today so if it goes well, I'll be posting about it later!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Maple Syrup Festival

Can you see all the syrup on my face?
Since Daddy was out of town for the weekend, Eliel and I decided to check out a local maple syrup festival at River Trails.  They've been tapping the maple trees for a few weeks now and today, they had a special festival to show how they boil down the syrup.  In addition, they also have games for the kids, face painting, puppet shows, animals talks and even a walk through the forest to see how and where they tap the trees.  Eliel wasn't too interested in the walk but I would have loved to go and see how they do it.  Maybe next year.

Look Mama!  A Snake!
Big Bird
In addition to the fest, River Trails Nature Center also has a slew of different animals that are indigenous to the area.   Eliel loved looking at the turtles and fish but he was too nervous to pet one of the snakes even though I did.  Outside, they also have larger mammals and birds that were found injured and unable to be released in to the wild.  Eliel especially liked the 'dog' (coyote) and the big bird (eagle).

Heat on Mama!  (Boiling down the syrup)
After seeing some of the animals, we went over to the area where they were boiling down the syrup.  There were two examples.  One was how they did it a long time again with heating up rocks and then putting them into the maple syrup to boil away the water.  I can't imagine how long and hard that must have been.  Maple syrup is more than 75% water so it takes a lot of heat and time to boil it down.  The second example we saw was a 'sugar shack' in which they had large boilers and were boiling it down.  Eliel though the steam was a heater on and loved watching the steam rise up into the chimney.  He of course didn't realize what they were actually doing but it was interesting to him just the same.
Look fire!

The best part was all the yummy treats there were!  There were samples of maple syrup with french toast sticks.  Eliel and I ate a few and when the sticks were gone, we didn't want to waste the maple syrup so we drank the rest.  It tasted amazing!  After that, we tried some maple syrup on ice as well and finished off a bag of popcorn together.  It was a great snack!

As we were leaving, Eliel asked if we could bring Daddy back next time to see the ducks.  I think that's a very good idea!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's getter warmer...

The moment the weather has started to get warmer, Eliel has been asking to go outside.  He's been dying to use his lawn mower again and play with sidewalk chalk.  I have been telling him that he  has to wait until the snow melts in order to use his lawn mower.  Well, the snow finally disappeared and so the past few days have been spent playing outside as much as possible. 

Although Eliel received a big wheel for his birthday, he was way more exited to take out his lawn mower.  A few of my neighbors laughed as he mowed the dead, snow packed grass.  He went up and down the lawn about three or four times before he decided to try out his big wheel. He still can't quite get the hang of peddling something yet but I'm sure that he will with a little more practice.  He had lots of fun watching all of our young neighbors fly around the block on their bikes.  He would yell "bike!" at them as they
drove by.  I think he actually scared of few of them! :)

Eliel also has a bucket of toy trucks in the screen porch that he loves to play with.  Our neighbor across the street gave them to him last summer and ever since, he's  been hooked on trucks.  Luckily, our porch is right outside of the kitchen so he can happily play in there while I cook dinner.  His latest 'trick' is hiding a truck and then running in to ask me 'where'd go?'  He thinks it's hilarious when I go to look for it and can't find it. 

Another warmer weather tradition in our house is waking up the bearded dragon, Rosalia.  Eliel affectionately calls her Rosie.  She hibernates all winter so to him, she's been quite boring.  But after some warm sunshine, she's ready to go.  So today, we gave her a nice warm bath and fed her some superworms.  Eliel is still excited to touch the worms while I'm more than happy to let him pick them up for me! 

I know the weather took a cooler turn today but here's hoping it doesn't stay this way!  Everyone in the house feels so much better with spring weather!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Through the Eyes of E

Over the weekend, we visited my sister's house and her husband, Uncle B was playing around with my Dad's GoPro camera.  Of course, Eliel was intrigued with it just because Uncle B had it.  So, Uncle B gave it to E to hold and the resulting video is what happened.

If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be Eliel, then watch this.  But be aware, it might make you a little nauseous!

(There is little to no sound because the camera is encased in a waterproof case making everything muffled, it's not your computer! ;)